Fashion & Accessory Design

Kathryn is an experienced & qualified Fashion Designer who graduated with honours in 2007 from an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and Garment Construction.

She excelled as a student, winning numerous design awards, one of which was being nominated as a finalist in the NRA (National Retail Association) Design Awards in 2008 for her student graduate collection which was broadcasted on Chanel 9 prime time television.

Kathryn has since worked as a in house Designer & garment technician for a reputable surf wear company based on the Gold Coast (QLD) before she branched out into the creation of not just one, but two of her own Women’s wear Fashion labels later on down the track; Indigo Joker & Daedreamer.

She has a deep and thorough understanding of all design elements, ranging from the initial trend research and range planning, right through to pattern making, design specification requirements, sample sewing, model fittings and both local and offshore manufacturing and distribution just to name a few. She also successfully managed all PR, Sales and Marketing for both of her brands.

With Technical Trade sketch drawing skills under her belt also, Kathryn has contracted her skills and services to many local and national fashion labels who have required the technical aspect of their designs to be top notch before submitting specification sheets to their manufactures.

Kathryn is fully versed in the Adobe Create suite packages and is highly proficient at both application and creation in Photoshop,  Illustrator and In Design

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